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more on the nsa. turns out snowden was right abou, ande person who ends up pg him right is the head of the nsa program. but first we start with, it's about stop and frisk, turns out it's not go time for stop and frisk. it's stop time. unconstitutional! what now! before i get into details let me do the panel here. kasper is here, friendly host, kind of. jayar jackson is here. the producer of "the young turks." >> your transitions are awesome. >> cenk: thank you. >> tricia rose, the professor, great to have you here. and andrew kruell. let's start on stop and frisk. first i want to show you something that the civil liberties put together. then i'll tell but the ruling. let's watch this first. >> this is the entrance where we come in, and where my son also come in. i have to come to my bedroom window, which is on the inside of the court yard to, make sure that he gets passed safely. to run this way to come from my kitchen window which is up there to make sure that he gets through this way safely. then go to my haul door, my house door, to make sure that he gets upstairs without being s
's rumors that there's more to come in these disclosures. whistle blowers have suggested the n.s.a. whistle blower that there's more that we don't know that we should though. will you or will some of your colleagues, are you willing to use the privilege that constitutional privilege that's outlined and used in the 1960 to see put that into the record so that we, the public can see that kind of thing? >> you're referring to the speech and debate in the constitution. we've already gone so far beyond that in what's already been disclosed. every time there's a new disclose that you are comes out, the people in charge, like general alexander are asked is there anything else. they always say no, and then there's something else. >> i got to ask one last question on this topic, before we go to the break. you know, you mentioned the fourth amendment. i know that you've got to include it in one of the bills, the provision sailing that you can't vital the fourth amendment, but they're clearly vitals it with this spying. i can't imagine how it would be a matter of dispute. it's the most plain reading a
're going to do some revisions here at the n.s.a., a little course correction, if you will. one thing we're going to do is an independent board of outsiders who will help us determine if we're doing the right thing with the n.s.a. and protect civil liberties and certainly protect against abuses. we find out today who will be actually picking that board, shepherding it and in the words of the administration, establishing the group. that will be the outsider known as james clapper, the head of the n.s.a. i think they're trying to make us l.o.l. ok? i think this is preposterous. lindsey, do you believe that the head of the n.s.a. might pick an independent board that would then say that he's doing everything wrong? >> i have a hard time believing that, and i mean, i have a hard time toughing this guy at all, since when he was asked directly if the n.s.a. was collecting data on american citizens, he answered unequivocally no only a find out a couple months later that yeah, they're collecting a lot of data. >> he says now he'll pick an independent board. i'm glad you pointed that out. we got t
start on the n.s.a., great panel, ana kasparian, legendary cohost of "the young turks." >> that's right, legendary. >> on theyoungturks.com. things that should not have been forgotten were forgotten about how good she is. you should appreciate that lord of the rings reference. >> i got it. >> john iadrola. while you're on the web, hello, meteorite.com, noah roth man. i got away from your nickname, the roth man prophecies, which i've got to get back to. [ laughter ] cenk: all right. let's get started on the n.s.a. president obama was on the tonight show, talked to jay leno and talked about spying, really the journalist you want to talk about spying about. >> intelligence gathering is a critical component to counter terrorism. obviously with your mr. snowden and the disclosures of classified information, it's raised a lot of questions for people. a lot of these programs were put in place before i came in. i had skepticism and i think we should have a healthy skepticism about what government's doing. i had the programs reviewed. we put in some additional safeguards to make sure there is fe
? >> the timing is so convenient. >> it's too convenient. >> yeah. >> the nsa is under attack, and there is a red alert, and they almost lost the vote in the house which is unheard of on spying. so they are like don't we have something laying around that is incredibly scary. >> yeah, and the first segment of this show should be now the nsa is working with the dea to give information on american drug traffickers to prosecute them. so there's more information about how the nsa is spying on us, and instead of using that for national security, they are using it to prosecute americans for drug use and drug trafficking. every week there is a story about how we'll being violated, and this is a great distraction. but when is it news that al qaeda wants to go after us? >> yeah, the question is, is item innocent. 19 embassies they shut down unofficially for the weekend, and then for the week, because they are saying it's coming. it's coming, but two things here. number 1, the body bombers, we looked into this. there was stuff about that in the media at the end of last year. so it isn't new. all of a sudden
with members of congress to try to allay concerns about the nsa program. part of the reason congress is so upset about is because they didn't know about it--until edward snowden told them. that's the definition of a whistle blower. forget us, even congress didn't know. now the white house is turning around and saying look, look, i see you're all upset. but the guy who let you know about the nsa program, and you and your representatives know about the nsa programs, the russians, i can't believe they're hiding him. we need to get that guy. screw that, snowed den, run, don't come to the this country. are you nuts? >> i wish he could prove that it was not espionage but it was whistle blowing, but our system is broken in mean ways and we saw that with bradley manning. what you were saying before, saying that he was a coward, this is a very, i think, a sad emotional appeal to get people turned against him. they can't point to actual damage done, they have to hope that labeling him a coward wil,d just like they like to label leaker as pedophiles and sexual predators, things like that. >> i think
that this might be something that the administration is doing in effect to justify the n.s.a. hoovering up of information. >> joe, what you're saying is that this is all edward snowdens fault. if he didn't come out and talk about the n.s.a. spying and how they're spying on oh us in ways we weren't aware of, they wouldn't have to leak these next stories about how they intercepted communications to prove why they are spying on us is justified, so it all goes back to the beginning, he hadward snowden is a traitor. >> it all makes sense now. there is all this orwellian language going on about this. >> margaret. >> still in country, can you explain why the evacuation didn't happen fully until today? is it correct to say the evacuation is now complete? >> first, it is inaccuracies to call it an evacuation. this is a reduction in staff. we are still -- we have not suspended operation. obviously you all know that the embassy there is closed through the date that i mentioned, and we'll have updates on them as we have them. there also continue to be commercial flights out of yemen which is something
about michael shure. i don't know if he was working for the n.s.a. or using the force. mark compared mitt romney to whatever he compared him to, a star wars character, right? and everybody was like oh, my god, that's so interesting! there were at least 30 articles about that. >> i think that people -- >> people here freaked out. >> people care because what luke skywalker said. the media gets it wrong, too, but the media talks about important issues far more than the rest of the world, that's why when we see these numbers about the n.s.a. spying, it's like ahh. cenk: there's apparently a pull out today saying james clapper should be prosecuted for lying to congress. >> how many people know who he is? >> apparently enough to say that he should be prosecuted. >> you should get mark hamill to say he should be prosecuted. >> al gore, i know some folks felt he followed current and should have followed through and instead sold it and the report was that it was $500 million. first of all, he was part owner of current, right? he didn't just take it and put it in his pocket, and they had costs
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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